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Sammy SoSo is a British record & vocal producer, songwriter, engineer and DJ. In his teen years he was part of a multi-media enterprise where he gained most of his DJ experience performing in big clubs from 'Rep Your Country' to Julie Adenuga's 'Don't @ Me'. In 2016 he went on to create 'UK Top 15' single 'Transforming' by KSI. His work with KSI continued, this time teaming up with Grime MC JME and Grammy winning producer P2J producing 'Pull UP'. Sammy and P2J continue to make gold working with Africa's biggest start Wizkid. The two worked on 'Sweet One' & additions by Sammy on 'Grace' for the album 'Made in Lagos'. Also, working with the likes of S1mba, Young T & Bugsey, Pa Salieu and Jaz Karis.