Akemi Fox

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Akemi Fox is one of the north’s most soothing alternative R&B artists to debut in recent years. Standing out for all the right reasons, her distinctive voice, seductive lyrical ability and 90s/00s nostalgic sound have cemented her a position in the UK music scene as one of its most fearless and gifted songstresses.

Describing her sound as alternative R&B, Akemi exudes a potent combination of independence and innovation using her knowledge in music and culture to her benefit. Citing Erykah Badu, Rihanna, Frank Ocean and Beyoncé as her influences, the Mancunian praises the many soulful artists from the 90s and early 2000s who inspired her to stay true to herself and her artistry. Akemi is very much part of the remarkable DIY generation of artists coming through, stating that she writes her best lyrics freestyling over beats from her long term producer, Teo. Her discography is now one filled with emotion, divine spiritual energy and nostalgia that enthrals you upon first listen.

Her authentic style and delivery landed her a live session spot on BBC Introducing Radio Manchester with Michelle Hussey and Natalie Eve-Williams. Playing at some of Manchester’s most exciting live music venues including Manchester Academy and Night & Day, she has quickly become a thriving force both in her own city and across the UK. Akemi praises her multicultural city for its supportive creative scene and has always felt like there was a place for her within it all. Manchester is home to some of the country's most exciting artists both past and present with Akemi recently featuring on the critically acclaimed new album from Hip-hop duo Children of Zeus. More recently Akemi is performing at the Manchester International Festival, alongside other local artists on the line up including Pip Millett. If that wasn’t enough to be proud of, she is also involved in the new Adidas x VERSUS campaign for Man United 21/22 kit in their 'Made In Manchester' series.